Bonjour, or shall I say, Ola! I have been working all day on my Spanish and getting it mixed up with my French. I have spent the evening packing for Leticia and writing a blog post for the BC Study Abroad program as part of my scholarship. Unfortunately, this means it is now 12 am and I have to be up in five hours. I will have to make this really short. Today was awesome and I feel that I really really broke into my photo mode. I was dialed in and seeing things in new ways! Just beautiful. We went up to Monserrate mountain where there is a beautiful church at the top. Often people do a pilgrimage up the hill to get there as part of the experience. It makes the grouse grind look like a joke. Next we went to the most gorgeous art Gallery I have ever seen. It was huge and I feel that is where I got the majority of my photos from today. Lastly we walked around town and bought stuff at the markets and finished off at the world renowned Gold Museam. This place was amazing and there was lots to see and experience. I am so exhausted right now that I hope you dont mind if I take this evening off from writing. Just enjoy the photos. Thanks, goodnight! Or will it be? First day of taking Malerone for Malaria.. wish me luck

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