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Back in Canada

How surreal it is to be back in Canada and back to work at my newspaper. I feel twinges of longing for the forest as I scratch the remaining bug bites that linger on my arms and feet. I did […]

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Day Six; into the heart of the border city

Hi all I have about 30 seconds for a post here. Flew into Leticia yesterday and traveled the city. I am in love with this place. I totally fit in. Today we are going off the grid, heading deep into […]

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Day Five; be kind

Bonjour, or shall I say, Ola! I have been working all day on my Spanish and getting it mixed up with my French. I have spent the evening packing for Leticia and writing a blog post for the BC Study […]

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Day Four; and there’s more

Good evening blog followers. Today was an incredibly full day and I am exhausted. I hope you don’t mind if this post is a little heavier on the photos rather than the writing. I think that’s what you all are […]

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Day Three: Discovering Architecture

Good evening blog followers! Today was a great day. My feet ache, I am exhausted and I am writing this from the comfort of my bed in my flat. I woke up off and on from about 5 am until […]

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Day two; Welcome to Bogota

Buenas noches mis amigos. What a day of travels! Let me tell you, I am blessed to have the gift of sleep. If I could make money being a professional sleeper I would be a millionaire; in dollars not pesos. […]

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Good Morning, from YYZ

Good morning everyone. My travel partners are slowly arriving to my gate. I cannot explain how great I feel right now considering I do not drink coffee and have had four hours of sleep. I woke up and stumbled out […]

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Day one, it’s been a while Toronto

Well, this is my second attempt at writing this blog post. Lets hope my internet does not fail me twice. Today I spent my day driving around the city with my dear friends Natalie, Richard and Erin. Thank you very […]

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And she’s off!

  Checking in from YVR! I am finally on my way to South America after months and months of preparation. I will be heading to Toronto to visit some dear college friends for the evening and will be departing to […]

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