Lisa King Art

Vancouver Based Mixed Media & Resin Artist

Covita” SOLD

Mixed Media – acrylic, cd/dvds and resin.

Size 36×48 wooden panel

As Covid-19 spread across the globe and I watched countries shut down civilization, I was inspired to create “Covita”. “Covita” is a complete release of all my anxiety and overwhelming depression created by this pandemic. Everything I used to make this piece represents an escape from confinement. The large 36×48 board and paint used has been sitting patiently in my room waiting for inspiration for over 13 years. The CD and DVD archives cut carefully to create the mosaic pieces contain a variety of my professional photo archives from the last 20 years of work. The forced time off allowed me to pick up a new skill; the art of resin pouring. Combined, “Covita” has come together to be a beautiful whimsical up cycled piece that reflects rainbows of light in every direction in hopes to bring out the inner child of the viewer.

“Cat Scratch” $75.00CAN

Mixed Media – acrylic, cd/dvds and resin.

Size 16×12 wooden panels

“Labios” $50.00CAN

Mixed Media – acrylic, wax, cd/dvds and resin.

Size: 3 – 5×6 wooden panels

“Baahh hahah” SOLD

Mixed Media – acrylic, cd/dvds and resin.

Size 16×12 wood panel

“Llama” SOLD

Mixed Media – acrylic, cd/dvds, silver leaf and resin.

Size : 16×12 wood panel

“Sarsa of the Sea” SOLD

Mixed Media – acrylic, vinyl , paper, DVDs and a deep poured resin coating.

Size 24×36 deep wood panel

*All pricing is in Canadian dollars and does not include shipping for commissions please contact Lisa directly.

Artist Statement

Creating art enables me to emotionally express my personal opinions about various global controversies. As a working photojournalist, I document current events but rarely get the chance fully create an image to tell my story.  My art pieces, produced in various mediums, have danced around many different topics but have collectively come together as a discussion about the human existence. 

Lisa King was born and raised in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. She has been fascinated by images of current events and how the world is seen through the eyes of others. Influenced by her grandfather’s Canadian naval marine art, she took up Fine Art studies Kwantlen Polytechnic University in British Columbia and Photojournalism at Loyalist College in Ontario. Lisa is a freelance photojournalist for various media outlets throughout the Lower Mainland.

When not wrapped up in the news wire, Lisa creates fine art multimedia pieces. Current political and pop culture references can be seen throughout her work.

Lisa’s work has been shown at both the Nasty Women and Let’s Talk About Sex art shows in Vancouver in 2017.